Root Barrier Installation Guide

Root Barrier Installation Guide

Root barrier is placed in a trench to the depth required and trimmed with a utility knife to just below mowing height. 

What is a root barrier why to use it?

Permathene root barrier is made in Australia from 1mm, 2mm and 3mm recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene). Root barrier is used to not only effectively block roots for buildings and other infrastructure, but also control the moisture from soils to prevent movements of paving roads.

The growth of big trees (or even small plants) requires a lot of water from soil, control moisture levels from reactive soils is a challenge for the infrastructure around the tree roots, because the cycle of wet and dry soil often creates a pressure which could push the pavement above the soil or boundary walls around the soil.

Installation procedure:

1. Dig a trench approximately 100mm wide to the required depth.
2. Place root barrier into the trench, leaving approx. 50mm above the ground height.
3. Place a layer of sodium bentonite or other growth inhibitor at the base of the trench 50-100mm thick.
4. Back fill the trench to secure the barrier and stabilise the ground.
5. Barrier can now be trimmed to just below lawn mower height, ensuring the top of the barrier remains above ground.