Architectural gabion is welded mesh which is either mild steel coated with 300gsm of 10% aluminium and 90% zinc or 316L Stainless Steel.

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AL-TEN™ (mild steel mesh) Gabion

Manufactured in mild steel to a minimum wire coating of 290 grams per m2 which is Aluminium 10% and Zinc 90%. The mesh is manufactured in Australia to meet gabion specification ASTM 974-97.

Estimated Lifespan

Although difficult to predict as lifespan of all steels is largely dependant upon the environment. Generally you can expect 20 years life for galvanised wire, and 2-3 times longer life span for Galfan, AL-TEN™, PVC coated and stainless steel.

Stainless Steel 316L Gabion

Manufactured in rust resistant 316L Stainless Steel and used where salt water is likely to come into contact with the gabion or where customers prefer the look of stainless steel.

  • Rock Walls

    Gabion makes ideal garden walls for any landscaping project. They have the advantage of being easy to build and can look great. By using different rocks and materials a gabion wall can stand out. Useful to breakup areas of garden or park into separate areas. A low wall of 1m or less can be built to curve around a seating area for example. Also great for acoustic walls by using sound absorption materials within the wall with rocks on the outsides.

  • Retaining Walls

    Gabion has been traditionally been used for retaining walls due to its low cost compared to conventional methods. They can be built as either mass gravity walls (relying on the weight of rock to retain the earth) or as mechanically stabilised walls (which use geogrids or earth anchors to hold the wall in place).

  • Cladding and Columns

    Architectural gabion is perfect for cladding an otherwise ugly concrete facade or column. They can be built to a depth of only 200mm. Often used in front of woven (hex mesh) gabion which is cheap but unattractive. By building an architectural gabion facade in front of a saggy woven wall a designer can achieve both cost savings and a fantastic looking building or wall.


Permathene Al-ten and 316L Stainless Steel meets or exceeds ASTM 974-97 for weld mesh gabions as follows:

Coating mass must be a minimum of 275 grams / m2

The steel wire used shall have a tensile strength between 350-750N/mm2

Elongation shall not be less than 10%. Tests to be conducted on a sheet sample of at least 250mm

The depth of the weld pot to be not less than 15% of wire ID. Weld shear strength to reach a minimum of 50% of wire tensile strength

Curved gabion wall using AL-TEN

AL-TEN gabion wall

AL-TEN gabion feature columns