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Weed Control Fabric

Noweed Weed control fabric is a UV stabilised heavy duty (110 gsm) woven polypropylene fabric. Manufactured to prevent weed growth and yet allow air to circulate! Soil is not soured and roots are protected from the spread of fungus and bacteria.

Noweed stands out from other fabrics which appear to be the same, is its construction. An ordinary woven polypropylene pools water and prevents air flow, resulting in poor soil and poor growth. Noweed breathes and allows nutrients to filter through.

A heavy duty woven weed fabric is superior to a nonwoven in several ways. Most importantly is UV life, a nonwoven will never last anywhere near the length of time of Noweed. Plus weed prevention, it is a heavy grade woven polypropylene ans the premium is a commercial grade fabric.

Noweed weed control fabric is used by landscapers, commercial growers, home and garden. Suitable for commercial crops, pebble and bark gardens, and weed control without the hazards of chemical sprays which endanger the growth and health of other plants. The fabric can be used both in ground or as an overlay for container growing.

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Weed matting

Frost Fabric

Groshield fabric is a white, non toxic, lightweight fabric with excellent ventilation properties. It is formulated especially for horticultural uses from spunbonded polyester fabric. The special formulation and fibre distribution combine to offer exceptional strength and durability.

  • Grass seed garden blanket – Groshield fabric is an ideal cover for seeded lawns. It protects the seeds from birds, and insulates the ground to quicken the germination process.
  • Extend growing season – the fabric insulates against frost and cold (to approximately -3°C for the 20gsm and up to -7°C for 35gsm). Overall protection varies with respect to elements such as wind & humidity. Planting may occur weeks earlier than usual. The autumn season may also be extended by several weeks.
  • Protect gardens – Crops are less vulnerable to scorching sun, drying winds, pelting rain, hail, and frost.
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Frost fabric


Solarshade shadecloth fabric is available in styles including light, medium and heavy. Solarshade Premium, is a tough and durable multipurpose sun, wind, heat, hail and rain screening fabric which protects plants, people, property, and animals from the extremes of weather.

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High Quality Construction: The fabric is manufactured from HDPE monofilament thread. The unique three way lock stitch construction results in a stable material which will not tear or fray if cut.

Resistance to Horticultural Chemicals: Solarshade is unaffected by most sprays and chemicals.

Heavy Duty Reinforced Edge: Solarshade has a unique reinforced selvage edge for securely fastening the fabric to cable, metal, plastic or timber support structures.


  • Horticulture
  • Home
  • Pergolas
  • Internal Fencing
  • BBQ areas
  • Livestock shelter

The use of Solarshade Premium knitted shadecloth in the protection of livestock has seen significant improvements in milk yields in dairy cows, and the condition of beef cattle. In the summer, it provides shade and cooling. In more severe weather, the shelter also provides protection from hail, pelting rain, and light frosts.


10 years pro-rata against UV (New Zealand).


Windstop windbreak fabric is a premium windbreak manufactured from highest quality HDPE and has a 10 year UV Warranty (NZ). Windstop may be used as a temporary shelter until shelter belt trees are established. Alternatively, it may be used as a permanent shelter belt using a simple installation design which allows for easy replacement.

Windstop windbreak is ideal for plant & crop protection. It has only a minimal reduction of effective sunlight for growing. Manufactured in HDPE, 110gsm.


  • As a premium windbreak for horticulture
  • Home


  • 10 years pro-rata against UV (New Zealand)
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Knitted birdnetting

  • Permanent Canopy (also for draping over): This knitted birdnetting provides an ideal solution for high value crops. In addition to horticultural applications, the mesh has been used as bird protection for commercial fish farms, bird & predator fish protection for oyster leases, and bird & pest protection for urban building facades. This heavier cloth can also be used as a drapeover cloth.
  • Drape Over: An alternative to permanent canopy enclosures. With many crops, bird attack is limited to a period immediately prior to harvest when the fruit reaches a certain stage of maturity. The crop can be protected and considerable savings made by draping this mesh over the bush, vines, or temporary canopy during the vulnerable period.

Extruded Birdnetting

This is lightweight, UV stabilised black, with a mesh size of approx. 15mm x 15mm. It is designed for use only when the crop reaches a state of maturity. At season end the net is removed and stored for re-use. Expected UV resistance is up to 5 years.


Knitted netting is intended to be used to provide total canopy protection when installed on a post and tensioned wire framework. Pole height, diameter and spacing vary with local conditions.



  • Colour: white/ black
  • Roll sizes (width x length): 5m x 100m, 10m x 100m
  • Hole size: 16mm plus or minus 0.5mm
  • Construction: knitted monofilament
  • Weight: 40g/m2 plus or minus 2g/m2
  • Burst Strength: 520kpa
  • Approximate life: 10 years pro rata warranty against product failure due to ultra violet light degradation

Drape Over:

  • Colour: white
  • Roll sizes (width x length): 5 m x 300 m to 20 m x 300 m (varying widths between this range are stocked)
  • Hole size: 16mm plus or minus 1mm
  • Construction: knitted monofilament
  • Weight: 24g/m2 plus or minus 2g/m2, 30g/m2 plus or minus 2g/m2 draped
  • Burst Strength: 280kpa
  • Approximate life: 15 years pro rata warranty against product failure due to ultra violet light degradation


  • Colour: black
  • Roll sizes (width x length): 4.27 m x 10 m, 4.27 m x 50 m, 4.27 m x 1000 m (varying lengths are available outside of this range)
  • Construction: knitted monofilament
  • Mesh shape: square
  • Mesh size: 15 mm
  • Approximate life: 2 to 5 years
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