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Fabrics for horticulture, landscaping and construction. Shadecloth, windbreak, birdnetting, weed control matting, geotextiles, silt fence, erosion control fabric and frost cloth.

  • Nonwoven Geotextile

    Nonwoven Geotextile

    <p>Nonwoven geotextile for road stabilization, separation, erosion control and ground reinforcement</p>
  • Woven Geotextile

    Woven Geotextile

    <p>Woven geotextile for ground reinforcement. Used for soft soils and to prevent roadbase mixing with soil.</p>
  • Sediment Fabrics

    Sediment Fabrics

    <p>Silt fence helps prevent site sediments entering stormwater systems, streams and the sea. Used on constructions sites or anywhere sediments will pollute.</p>
  • Weed Matting

    Weed Matting

    <p>Noweed™ is UV stabilised woven polypropylene woven weed matting designed to prevent weed growth and yet allow air to circulate helping to protect roots from the spread of fungus and bacteria. </p>
  • Bird Netting

    Bird Netting

    <p>Permathene birdnetting is made in two basic types, knitted and extruded.</p>
  • Frost Cloth

    Frost Cloth

    <p>Frost cloth is Polyester, nontoxic frost protection fabric to allow ventilation and help prevent frost damage to crops.</p>
  • Shadecloth


    <p>Shadecloth is UV stabilised with a 10 year (pro-rata) warranty. shadecloth fabric is available in styles including light, medium and heavy. Solarshade Premium, is a tough and durable multipurpose sun, wind, heat, hail and rain screening fabric which protects plants, people, property, and animals from the extremes of weather.</p>
  • Erosion Matting

    Erosion Matting

    <p>Coir Mat is an erosion control material designed for short to medium term and will photo-degrade. This coir matting has a poly reinforcing.</p>
  • Windbreak


    <p>Windbreak fabric is a premium windbreak manufactured from highest quality HDPE and has a 10 year pro rated UV Warranty (NZ) for the Green colour while the Black Windbreak has a 5 year pro rated UV Warranty). Windstop may be used as a temporary shelter until shelter belt trees are established. Alternatively, it may be used as a permanent shelter belt using a simple installation design which allows for easy replacement.</p>
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$218.50 (tax incl.) $264.50
510gsm (18oz) hessian cloth natural colour.
$120.75 (tax incl.) $135.00
Permathene Super Silt Fence meets or exceeds all requirements as per TP 90/GD05 for Super Silt Fence material
$87.75 (tax incl.) $116.89
Black knitted birdnetting, 4m x 50m.
$166.27 (tax incl.) $189.75
Windstop™ Black windbreak fabric and has a 10 year pro rata UV Warranty (NZ)
$80.50 (tax incl.) $103.50
White polyester frost cloth. Groshield is UV stabilised. Supplied in roll form.
$149.50 (tax incl.) $207.00
White polyester frost cloth. Groshield is UV stabilised. Supplied in roll form.
$86.25 (tax incl.) $103.68
Windstop™ Black windbreak fabric.
$322.00 (tax incl.) $368.00
3.81m x 50m General purpose woven geotextile for reinforcement and stabilisation where CBR is &gt; 5. Applications include: rural roads, paved roads, unpaved roads, taxiways.
$69.00 (tax incl.) $80.50
Weed matting fabric is a UV stabilised high quality woven polypropylene fabric for weed control in nurseries, landscaping and horticulture. Noweed Premium is 110gsm with green marker line at selvedge edge. Roll size...

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