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Films for dam lining, concrete underlay, geomembrane films, greenhouse, builders and general purpose polyethylene.

  • Greenhouse Film

    Greenhouse Film

    <p>Nikoflex is a thermic horticultural plastic made to last many seasons. A triple layer co-extruded, optimal light transmission &amp; diffusion, thermic, anti-fogging, anti-static, anti-drip.</p>
  • Permaflex Polyethylene Dam Liner

    Permaflex Polyethylene Dam Liner

    <p>Permaflex Flexible Polyethylene (FPE) is a new generation multi layer geomembrane. It is manufactured with high resistance to base chemicals and chlorine. With slightly less flexibility than flexible polypropylene it still maintains the ability to flex where needed unlike HDPE which is stiff by nature.</p>
  • Woven Polyethylene

    Woven Polyethylene

    <p>Woven polyethylene is a coated polyethylene, UV stabilised and is available in several colours. Tight 14x14 thread count.</p>
  • Polythene Black

    Polythene Black

    <p>black polyethylene builders and general purpose films. Applications include concrete underlay and damp proof course.</p>
  • Polythene Clear & Colour

    Polythene Clear & Colour

    <p>Clear (natural) polyethylene builders and general purpose films</p>
  • Handyman Packs

    Handyman Packs

    <p>Black builders film in smaller packs</p>
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No produts were found.