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Grass paver, root barrier, saftey fence, geogrid, Ausdrain, tapes, ground staples, drainage modules and filters.

  • Root Barrier

    Root Barrier

    <p>Root barrier, Vercan to help prevent tree roots. Made from recycled HDPE. Easy to use around trees, along pathways. 3 sizes.</p>
  • Tape


    <p>Tape for building and general purpose. Tape for sealing geomembrane and specialised applications. PVC building tape, polyisobutylene sealing tape, mastic sealing tape for membranes used in waterproofing, greenhouse repair tapes.</p>
  • Accessories


    <p>Accessories including C rings, ground staples, pegs, Y posts, wire, shade clips.</p>
  • Safety Fence

    Safety Fence

    <p>Safety Fence for site safety around construction sites. Bright orange, high density polyethylene.</p>
  • Geogrid


    <p>Geogrid is a geosynthetic material used to strengthen soil including subbase for roads and to reinforce retaining walls. The main feature of geogrids is their ability to allow soil to anchor to structures through the geogrids apertures and ribs.</p> <p>Biaxial Geogrids are square meshes of polypropylene (PP) and widely used as subsoil reinforcement. Their prominent characteristic is excellent mechanical properties under intermittent high loading. As a bi-axial mesh strength is equal in both machine and cross directions which allows for loads in any direction of the plane.</p>
  • TurfPave


    <p>Grass pavers for soil and gravel. Made from recycled HDPE and designed for trucks and cars. For driveways, parking lots.</p>
  • Trellis


    <p>Garden trellis is a long life, UV stabilised material designed for outdoor applications in landscaping and gardening.</p>
  • Drainage


    <p>Ausdrain drainage modules, filter socks, filter sleeve, delta drain dimpled sheeting, envirotank</p>
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$41.40 (tax incl.) $48.30
Steel staples (galvanised) for easily pinning down weed matting, erosion control fabrics, etc.
$198.93 (tax incl.) $229.43
Vercan Root Barrier is easy to install using either a narrow width excavator or spade, it is light, flexible and can be formed to fit anywhere you need. it to go. Made from recycled HDPE. Thickness is 1mm. See...
$28.75 (tax incl.) $41.40
Turfpave Grass Pavers are a permanent lightweight and practical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pavers. Grass Pavers are quick to install and being light they require less...
$26.45 (tax incl.) $32.50
Steel staples (galvanised) for easily pinning down weed matting, erosion control fabrics, etc.

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