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Birdnet Garden White 4m x 50m

White knitted birdnetting 4m x 50m

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Colour: White
Hole size: 16.5 mm ( +/- 0.5 mm)
Weight: 22 g/m2 , 26 g/m2 draped (+/- 2 g/m2)
Burst Strength: 260 kpa
Shade Factor: 6% (+/- 2%)


Permanent Canopy (also for draping over): This knitted birdnetting provides an ideal solution for high value crops. In addition to horticultural applications, the mesh has been used as bird protection for commercial fish farms, bird & predator fish protection for oyster leases, and bird & pest protection for urban building facades. This heavier cloth can also be used as a drapeover cloth.

Drape Over: An alternative to permanent canopy enclosures. With many crops, bird attack is limited to a period immediately prior to harvest when the fruit reaches a certain stage of maturity. The crop can be protected and considerable savings made by draping this mesh over the bush, vines, or temporary canopy during the vulnerable period.

Warranty: Five (5) year pro rata warranty against product
failure due to ultra violet light degradation.
Contact with chemicals and/or pesticides that contain sulphur, halogens or highly acidic substances may reduce the service life of the fabric.

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