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Geotextile (Grade A1) Nonwoven Packs

Syntex Nonwoven drainage and separation fabric is a polypropylene (PP) geotextile are made from needle punched polypropylene staple fibre. These fibers are cut, opened, laid onto a web, needled, inspected, tested and rolled.

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  • Gabion: Geotextile is used to prevent spoil from entering the gabion structure. This this application a light weight 145gsm fabric is preferred.
  • Civil: Roadway Stabilisation/ Separation: Roads and highways are built using geotextile to prevent aggregate from mixing with the subgrade.
  • Drainage: Syntex nonwoven geotextiles are ideal for drainage applications. Unlike woven geotextiles (with the exception of monofilament drainage fabrics), polypropylene nonwovens resist clogging. Nonwovens are placed in direct contact with the earth where drainage stone, perforated drain coil, etc may be placed. The nonwoven filters soil and waste while allowing water and leachate to pass.
  • Environmental: Geomembrane Protection: Syntex heavy weight nonwoven geotextiles will cushion and protect geomembranes from puncture caused by aggregate and basecourse. Gas Venting: Heavy weight nonwoven geotextiles are used for collection and lateral transmission of liquids and gases that may build up under a geomembrane used in a capping of waste facility.
  • Hard Armour Underlay: Syntex nonwoven geotextiles are recommended to help relieve hydrostatic pressure beneath hard armour and prevent soils from migrating to the surface providing an effective erosion control method.

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