Coir Mat Erosion Control

Erosion Matting

Coir Mat is an erosion control material designed for short to medium term and will photo-degrade. This coir matting has a poly reinforcing.

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Coir Geotextile 900gsm 2M X 50M
Coir Mat 900 is natural coir mat, manufactured from 100% biodegradable coir fibre that is naturally resistant to rot and molds. It is excellent for controlling soil erosion by holding the soil in place and dissipating the force of heavy rains and run-off water. With several years expected longevity, Coir Mat will provide good soil support while allowing natural vegetation to become established. They will also promote growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out, creating an ideal micro-climate for seed germination. Coir Mat 900, with the number 900 corresponding to the density in g/m2 for that particular mat.
Typical applications: Erosion control,re-vegetation, soil erosion control, river embankments and landscaping
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