Turfpave XD
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Grass Paver Turfpave XD

Turfpave Grass Pavers are a permanent lightweight and practical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pavers. Grass Pavers are quick to install and being light they require less handling and labour.

TurfPave XD is suited for applications where soil or gravel is used.

Panel Specification: 500mm x 500mm x 40mm depth.

Note: One square metre equals 4 press together panels of 500mm x 500mm. This allows panels to be installed in various configurations. Price is per square metre.

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Please note price shown is per square metre and includes GST.

Turfpave XD is a tough Grass Paver which provides architects and developers with a vehicle resistant grassed alternative to concrete, stones and asphalt pavements. Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene. While TurfPave HD is only suitable for soil, TurfPave XD is suitable for both soils and gravel.

Positioned under the grass surface, Turfpave Grass Pavers distribute loads from traffic including vehicles and pedestrian to the basecourse below. This has the effect of minimising grass and root compaction. In addition the interconnected cells allow roots to develop with minimal restriction resulting in a durable and stable grass surface which is able to withstand heavy loading.

Turfpave Grass Pavers enhance our environment by allowing the creation of stabilised and durable lush lawns which add to the quality and beauty of the environment.


Parking areas
Domestic vehicle access on lawned areas
Sports complexes
Show grounds
Pedestrian walkways
Drainage channels
Shoulder parking
Slope stabilisation