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Silt Fence


Silt Fence is used to help prevent contaminants from sediments entering streams, lakes, coastal waters. Construction run-off into drainage systems can severely impact New Zealand’s ecology unless contained. Silt Fence is only part of the solution.


Follow your district council/ authority guidelines.


Permathene 100 gsm Silt Fence meets the minimum requirements of ADM GD05, as follows:

Wide width tensile strength: >= 14 kN/m minimum (AS, ASTM or ISO test methods).

Retained strength at 500h UV = 70% minimum (AS, ASTM or ISO test methods).

Opening size (EOS) = 0.2-0.4 mm (AS, ASTM or ISO test methods).

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Silt Fence

Coir Mat

Coir Mat is an erosion control material designed to either bio-degrade or photo-degrade. bio-degradable coir matting is 100% natural and contains no poly reinforcing. A photo-degradable coir mat does contain a poly netting to give the product a longer lifespan.

Designed for exposed slopes to prevent soil loss. Temporary life of 12 to 48 months depending upon the weight and grade of product.

These products will enhance water retention and allow good flow rate of water and nutrients into the soil until vegetation takes hold. The fully bio-degradable coir mat will naturally degrade over time and will leave no chemicals or plastic in the soil.


  • Over steepened slopes, road, rail embankments, industrial, mining restoration, earth dams
  • Drainage channels, culvert outlets, washout drains and emergency water courses
  • Highly erodible soils (embankments and sandy / silty soil areas, high gradient slopes)
  • Badly compacted areas, junctions with civil engineering works such as bridge abutments and inaccessible areas
  • Unpredictable or low rainfall areas
  • Heavy rainfall areas
  • Irrigated areas
  • Channels, coastal and sea shores – shore protection Public and private parks, terraces, dams
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ECB 300gsm

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ECB 900gsm