Nikoflex 10.5m x 50m x 200mu
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Nikoflex 10.5m x 50m x 200mu

Nikoflex™ is a multi layer, multi season greenhouse film with anti-fog, thermic properties, anti-drip.

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Nikoflex 8m x 50m x 200mu
Nikoflex 8m x 50m x 200mu
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High clarity and ultra long life with up to 57 month (pro-rata replacement) UV warranty. Nikoflex™ easily out performs other greenhouse films (we have never had a UV failure within the warranty period).

Each layer of Nikoflex performs a specific function. By the skilful blending of polymers only the smallest amount of chemical additive is needed. Nikoflex film retains its superior properties over a longer period of time than any other greenhouse film that we know of.

Nikoflex greenhouse film is manufactured to ISO 9001.

Nikoflex film provides both a global light transmission (PAR) of 91% and a light diffusion of 23%. The film actually reduces shadows, helps prevent burning, and ensures better distribution of light even to the lower parts of the plant. High light transmission is essential for photosynthesis and plant growth. However, light diffusion also increases photosynthetic efficiency. Nikoflex film contains 15-30% more UV stabiliser and can be expected to last in excess of 5 years under normal growing conditions.