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Syntex Filter Sock Pre-loaded 100mm x 50m
A geotextile filter sock made from knitted polyester designed to filter fines and sediment from perforated drainage coil and sub surface pipes. This product works extremely well and will greatly increase the service life of the drainage system.
This is pre-loaded (on core for easy placement onto drainage coil). Made from knitted polyester fabric with a preloaded disposable applicator.
Size: 100mm diameter x 30m
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Geotextile (Grade A1) 4m x 50m Nonwoven BLACK
Syntex light weight nonwoven drainage and separation fabric is a polypropylene (PP) geotextile are made from needle punched polypropylene staple fibre. These fibers are cut, opened, laid onto a web, needled, inspected, tested and rolled.
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Root Barrier 2mm 900mm x 15m
Vercan Root Barrier is easy to install using either a narrow width excavator or spade, it is light, flexible and can be formed to fit anywhere you need. it to go. Made from recycled HDPE. Thickness is 2mm.
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