0.75mm x 6m x 100m
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Permaflex Rolls 300mu 8m x 100m

Permaflex™ fPE is a highly flexible geomembrane designed as a replacement for flexible polypropylene where chemical resistance to chlorine and acids is required. Permaflex fPE has excellent physical properties and UV resistance.

Permaflex Liner Packs
Permaflex Liner Packs
Permaflex Rolls 500mu 8m x 100m
Permaflex Rolls 500mu 8m x 100m

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Vulcanseal Tape


  • Tanks: Lining membrane for timber, concrete and metal tanks and secondary lining for preventing pollution in case of leakage or chemical spill.
  • Pond and Dam Lining: For lining and liquid storage.
  • Baffle Curtains: Suitable for WWTP turbidity barriers and baffle curtains.
  • Biofilter Liners: Supply of factory fabricated rectangular liners.

Potable Water Tested: Meets AS/NZS 4020:2005 (certified as suitable for drinking water, aquaculture, etc).