Mudstop 3.81m x 5m Black
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Mudstop 3.81m x 25m pack (folded)

Mudstop is a permeable, woven polypropylene geotextile designed for applications where soil stabilisation and separation are major functions and strength is not critical.

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Woven (Grade GW165)  3.81m x 50m
Woven (Grade GW165) 3.81m x 50m
Woven (Grade GW165)  3.81m x 25m pack
Woven (Grade GW165) 3.81m x 25m pack
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When used and installed correctly the fabric may be used as follows:

  • Separation of aggregates in parking, pavements, and roads
  • Low cost temporary or permanent roading for construction vehicles in problem traffic areas
  • Under aggregate to prevent loss of fill into subsoil and allow top cover to remain firm
  • Filter lining for erosion control and stop banks