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Vulcanseal G-25

A single sided tape designed to join geomembrane when used as a damp proof course under concrete and as a repair method for damaged liners, including PVC, flexible polypropylene, polyethylene, woven PE, HDPE.

This tape is designed for permanent joining of membranes under concrete or for temporary repair of lining membranes.

For containment applications always use a wedge welder or other approved method to join liner panels due to possible consolidation of the sub base which may put pressure on the joint.

Vulcanseal G-25 is UV stabilized. It has a single sided adhesive and is applied to an overlapped membrane or directly over a tear. When overlapping allow 75mm with the G-25 placed over the top. It can be used in conjunction with Vulcanseal 609 in damp proof course applications. The 609 being double sided is placed between two layers of geomembrane with the G-25 on top and pressure rolled using a hand roller. See dpc installation guide for additional info.

Adheres to Most Construction Surfaces including:

Carbon Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Fibreglass, Gib Board, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Polystyrene, Concrete, Masonry, Wood.

Product Description

Vulcanseal G-25 Super Seal is composed of a tough, specially formulated multipolymer film. 

“MAF” with a synthetic elastomeric adhesive. This adhesive is kept from permanently bonding to its backing (while in the roll) by a tough, easily removed polymer release liner which prevents contamination of the adhesive prior to its use.

General Repairs for Most Materials

G-25 will provide an instant and watertight seal on truck bodies, trailers, etc made from wood, fibreglass, steel, aluminium.

Liner & Tarpaulin Repair

Vulcanseal G-25 is suitable for repairs of holes and small tears in most materials including PVC, Polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE. G-25 is UV and water resistant.

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean and dry; free from loose rust, dust, dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants. Use a solvent or other cleaner if necessary.

Tape Application

Vulcanseal G-25 Super Seal is applied by removing the release liner and pressing the adhesive to the clean and dry joint area. Tension in wrapping should be enough to obtain conformability to the surface being coated.

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Vulcanseal G-25

Vulcanseal 609

Product Description

Vulcanseal 609 is a black, polyisobutylene, moisture and vapour resistant, doublesided, pressure sensitive adhesive. It is made of isobutylene-isoprene rubber with a non-stretching integrated rayon scrim (woven cellulose acetate yarn) reinforcement backed with a silicon coated paper release medium. The tape is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and resistant to UV and a range of chemicals. Vulcanseal 609 is UV resistant. When used in approved applications, the product is not known to degrade.

Basic Use

Vulcanseal adhesive is for sealing and joining of impervious membranes such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. It may be used for bonding membranes to approved substrates. Vulcanseal adhesive fills cracks in composite type roofing and metal materials such as pipes, gutters, water tanks, skylights and domes.

Note: Vulcanseal is suitable for sealing lining materials that are not used for containment, for example as a damp proof course when used in conjunction with Vulcanseal G-25 a water tight seal should be achieved. For containment liners or critical lining applications in very damp areas we strongly recommend the lining be heat sealed with suitable machinery.


Vulcanseal 609 is applied by removing the release liner and pressing the adhesive to the clean and dry joint area. Tension in wrapping should be enough to obtain conformability to the surface being coated.

When using Vulcanseal 609 to seal membrane liners a rubber roller should be used.

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Vulcanseal 609